Ronald "Woody" Hosein

Ronald “Woody” Hosein

RONALD “WOODY” HOSEIN loves to doodle, and oftentimes those random lines take long and extraordinary rides. His works in pens and watercolor are largely surreal—quirky, goofy, eccentric and sometimes dark.

“Surr-weirdism”, the abstract collection, speaks to his inner world, embracing the curious, peculiar, lonely, misunderstood, kinky and unorthodox. “Random lines” comprises interpretive fan art, complemented by story webs with recurring original characters. The artist’s overall style is greatly influenced by the gothic visionary Tim Burton, and despite his comfort with the unpopular, numerous pieces were inspired from songs and stories in popular culture.

The artist’s work recently gained international attention when the young Game of Thrones actor, Sam Coleman, who played young Hodor, expressed interest in an abstract piece depicting an epic scene from Season 6, Episode 5, “The Door”. More recently, Woody was asked by Fox Home Entertainment to do a drawing representative of the Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children, US DVD release, to be promoted on the movie’s official Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages. The work, currently owned by Fox, was well received.

Woody is currently the Creative Director at Safari Publications, and recipient of several Caribbean Advertising Federation (CAF) ADDY awards for print design.

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